Mini – München User Manual

Mini-München is a Play City in which many things work like in a real city. The city is managed and administrated by children and youth, who are supported by adult staff. Some simple rules constitute the basis for the game in Mini-München and these rules can be found on the city information’s board, in the city hall, and in the passport for the Play City.

Mini-München takes place every two years during the summer holidays. The name Mini-München was created by kids in the very first Play City in 1979. As children from many different countries play, work and live together in the play city, and as guests from all around the world visit Mini-München, the play city carries the attribute “international”.

This year, the 19th Mini-München takes place from July 30th to August 17th , 2018. The “Spielstadt” is located in the Olympiapark. The play city opens from Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All children and youth between the age of 7 and 15 are welcome to participate in the play city for free. No prior registration or booking is required and children can decide freely, how long and how many times they want to participate in the play city. Adult visitors and parents are invited to visit the play city, but are not allowed to intervene in the game.

One certain days, when the number of participants exceeds the limited capacity of the play city, the organizer Kultur & Spielraum might have to temporarily limit the entrance to Mini-München.

Every new participant in the play city receives an ID card for Mini-München in the play city’s entrance area. This ID card turns all children into citizens of Mini-München who can work, study, earn money, and can eventually gain full citizenship (Vollbürgerschaft).

Mini-München has its own currency, called “MiMü”. New bank notes are printed for each edition of the play city and money from the previous play cities is not valid anymore.

Children can choose a profession either at the job center or directly at the various businesses and institutions during the first hours of the play city, from 10 to 11 am. However, not all kids can find a job immediately or at least might not be able to pick their favorite one from the beginning. The job situation in the play city depends on the number of visitors and – just like in the real city – no one can be guaranteed a job!

Those children who get a job card at the play city’s job center go with it to the assigned workshop or institution and start their work. For each job, a minimum of half an hour of employment is required to receive payment.

When children decide to quit their job, the time of work is calculated and they receive a paycheck, which – together with the job card – can be cashed in for “MiMüs” at the bank. However, this is only possible within 30 minutes after the job has been terminated! Only if job cards and paychecks are returned immediately after the job is done, the workplace can be offered to other participants. Handing on job cards without returning them to the bank and job center is strictly forbidden!

One hour of work equals 5 “MiMüs”. One out of 5 “MiMüs” is being retained by the municipality as a city tax. The money children earn can be spent at the play city’s restaurant, café or movie theater, or can be used for a taxi ride or a shopping trip to the department store. Children can also open up a bank account and save their money. Every citizen is expected to handle his/her money in a cautious and responsible way. Prize money and donations must be registered at the city administration. They are taxed and listed in the game ID card.

The Mini-München University offers the possibility to study or to give lectures as a professor. Studying is paid in the same way as working. The university offers numerous lectures and seminars every day and is constantly looking for professors with all sorts of expertise. Also adult visitors of the “Spielstadt” are invited to give lectures at the university. Please register at the university’s reception! There is a new program of study every day.

Full citizenship: Having 4 hours of work and 4 hours of studies recorded in the ID card, a player is allowed to apply for full citizenship (Vollbürgerschaft). After an exam at the citizen’s service (Bürgerbüro) in the town hall, the player receives his full citizenship ID and gets recorded in the heavy city’s registrar (Stadtbuch). Once the full citizenship has been acquired, it remains valid for future play cities! So don’t forget to bring your full citizen ID from the last play city to this year’s Mini-München.
Only full citizens are allowed to vote and to run for public office, to open their own business, to buy property, to get a driver’s license and to take up certain professions.

Elections are held on Thursday during the first week and on Wednesday during the second and third week, always at 4 pm. The citizens of the play city elect their mayor and the members of the city council on a weekly basis. A representative of the city council is elected mayor of Mini-München. The electoral procedure is regulated through election guidelines. Furthermore there is a number of public employees who – together with the mayor and the city council – manage the city’s administration, take care of citizens’ concerns and represent the municipality of Mini-München at official meetings or important public events. The city council is also responsible for providing grants to the city’s various businesses.

Every day, a citizens’ council for all citizens of the Play City is held at 3 pm at the city hall. During the citizens’ council, laws can be debated and passed, and new rules for Mini-München can be made, or existing ones can be changed. For any important concern, citizens can also actively call for the organization of a citizens’ council, with a minimum of 50 signatures.
Participants are also able to open up their own businesses or service companies. They must be registered at the city hall’s trade office. The precondition for getting a license is full citizenship.
Every citizen is responsible to stick to the rule of the games and to share responsibility for keeping the play city clean and in order. In Mini-München, all conflicts are resolved peacefully and older citizens are encouraged to assume responsibility for younger participants of the play city. There will be immediate sanctions for any act of violence or crime within the play city. Violations of the rules of the game will be taken to the municipal court. Every Friday at 3 p.m. the municipal court holds a public meeting at the council chamber. Participants who harm the proper functioning of Mini-München can be banned from participating in the play city.

Every day, an alternating cultural program takes place on the streets and public squares, in the city hall, at the city theater and at the movie theater of Mini-München. Every visitor gets a printed program for free. Furthermore, a daily update is given at the bulletin boards of the city information.
There are a few more rules for the play city and its various institutions: construction and property regulations, regulations for the driving test, or general traffic rules. There is also a basic law (Grundgesetz) and a code of criminal procedure. All the rules, regulations, and laws are on display at the responsible authorities and of course at the city hall.

For further information and specific questions, please contact the city information, the organizer’s office in the play city or the info-scouts who are present throughout the play city on a daily basis.